The theme we chose for the summer meeting 2018 in Belgium is “Borderscapes”.

Why Borderscapes?

‘Borders’ has been a hot topic in the world the last years, think of the conflict concerning the wall at the border with Mexico and the USA or European countries denying refugees to enter their borders. But borders are not always physical ‘fronts’. Language borders, geological borders or natural borders by example mostly merge into each other. Belgium does have many of these last types of borders. For this reason, the Belasa-team has chosen Borderscapes as the theme for the ELASA summer meeting 2018 in Belgium. We want to show you, as a European student, a diversity of borders in and around the landscape. We want to bring you in contact with hidden layers or borders that are present in the landscape, but not always noticeable. We want to provide you with some knowledge to take back home with you again, and hope to make this a great experience for you.

What borders?

During our tour through Belgium we will take you over, through and along a diversity of borders which are present in Belgium. Some are visible, some are imaginative, some are drawn on maps, some you can hear. To give you an idea of which borders you’ll encounter during this meeting we’ve listed a few.

– – – Historical Borders – – –
– – – Political Borders – – –
– – – Language Borders – – –
– – – Natural Borders – – –
– – – Social Borders – – –
– – – Disciplinary Borders – – –
– – – Geological Borders – – –
– – –  …  – – –

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